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What Does HubSpot Do: 10 Things You Didn't Know

If you have a business, then the chances are you want the most powerful sales and marketing tools on the market. Perhaps you've heard of HubSpot and wonder, what does HubSpot do? In less than two decades, HubSpot became the most prominent marketing software company in North America. We'll explore the 10 things you didn't know about HubSpot in this post.

Problem: You know that technology is vital for the revenue growth of your business. However, the various platforms in your business don't integrate easily, causing waste in management time, money, and lost revenue opportunities.

Opportunity: As a business leader, you also realize that a single spine architecture makes the most sense in technology. However, the solution seems overwhelming with so many platforms for sales, marketing, and CRMs.

Resolution: With HubSpot, you have everything in one single technology that is seamless, powerful, and ensures explosive revenue growth. One platform provides potent CRM, content management, social media, lead generation, web analytics, SEO optimization, and more. Essentially, you eliminate all of the time-consuming waste.

Are you wondering what does HubSpot do? Want to know some things people don't know about it? Read on!

1. The Free Version of HubSpot is Super Powerful

Everyone loves something for free. But, how about one of the market's best CRM tools free? The powerful HubSpot software also comes with the tools you need to run a successful online marketing campaign. For instance, your customers can create content on your website, send emails and messages to prospective leads, and even schedule social media posts with their social media accounts.

Using the ads tool allows you to target the correct audience with personalized ads. Further, the landing page builder allows your team to design landing pages that get attention. It offers companies opportunities to convert leads with easy forms or live chat. In other words, it's perfect for those looking to create an engaged, customized customer experience using marketing tools all built to work with a robust CRM.

2. Millions of Contacts But Only Paying for Thousands

If your Marketing Hub subscription includes marketing contacts, you automatically choose who receives your emails and campaigns. And HubSpot sweetens the deal for you. If a contact gets set as 'non-marketing,' it can't get converted into an email market prospect or used for any other campaign type in that month. In short, it saves you money.

In your HubSpot account, you pay for contact tiers. If you have access to the marketing contacts functionality, contacts whose status gets set to 'marketing,' only count toward your contact tier. Contacts set to 'non-marketing' don't count toward your current monthly tier count. As a result, you have potentially massive savings.

3. The HubSpot Mobile App is Actually Easy to Use…Really!

The mobile app is easy to use and can instantly help you start your marketing. The app is always up-to-date, from creating a new website to designing your email campaigns. Further, HubSpot software allows you to manage all your marketing campaigns on one platform. And you can do it all from the mobile app.

Imagine you’re meeting with a lead. You pull out your cell phone right before the meeting and use the HubSpot mobile app on the fly. With HubSpot, you don't have to be at your desk to get powerful reporting and analytics. Access its potent system from wherever you are to check how many visitors came to your site yesterday or last week if you want. You could also check how much revenue each campaign generates, who clicks on your site, and how long it takes for someone to complete an action.

4. HubSpot Will Supercharge Your SEO Strategy

Still wondering, what HubSpot does? Well, how about supercharging your SEO? HubSpot's marketing software is designed to help businesses grow profitability. In other words, HubSpot specializes in one-to-one communication and customer experience. The different tools that make up HubSpot's marketing strategy include content clusters and pillar pages. In short, the clusters and pillar pages turbocharge your SEO.

Content clusters are hubs that organize your content into categories. When using content clusters, the user can better grasp your brand, which helps boost SEO. Pillar pages are another tool that helps optimize your website for search engines. Essentially, they're landing pages with an emphasis on one key piece of information. HubSpot's pillar pages improve SEO allowing companies to get found more often in voice or text searches.

5. Workflows are a Superpower to Automate Mundane Tasks

Automating your marketing, sales, and service processes is a time and money-saving technique. Workflows are automated business tasks that minimize errors and increase overall efficiency. They dramatically improve a company's bottom line, as managers make smarter decisions and employees collaborate more efficiently. Making them with HubSpot is simple because powerful technology takes care of the details.

HubSpot has a workflows feature to make your life easier. Workflows is a super-powerful tool that lets you automate tasks and make sure they happen on time. If you have a checklist of everything you need to do, creating a workflow helps you get it done faster. It also lets you prioritize items, so the most critical tasks always get done first. You'll save time by automating instead of doing things manually regarding records. If you use it consistently, the tool makes your team more efficient and reduces manual data entry errors.

6. Sequences are Like Having a Sales Assistant in Your Pocket

HubSpot has a sales assistant feature, sequences, that helps you manage your leads and book appointments. This feature is excellent for times when you're on the phone or in-person with a customer in need of more information about your business. It's easy to do everything from making appointments, following up with customers, scheduling follow-up calls, and sending emails.

You can use the sequences tool to send targeted and timed email templates to nurture contacts over a certain period. This feature is handy if you're on a tight deadline. You can plan the sequence of events ahead of time and have it set up exactly how you want it before the appointment begins. HubSpot also allows you to automate tasks to remind you to follow up with leads when they reply or book a meeting.

7. No More Copy and Pasting with HubSpot Snippets

Some of the most frequently used HubSpot features are snippets. Snippets allow you to paste text from different sources and create new content. For instance, let's say you want to send out a newsletter that includes a list of recent blog posts. With HubSpot, you can paste the blog post URL into a snippet and customize it in the software. Then, you can select what you want your audience to see from those posts and include links or other relevant information for the recipient.

Snippets are also incredibly helpful when preparing for an event or conference. Let's say you're going to present at an upcoming event where people ask specific questions about your business or product. You can use snippets to pull quotes and links from previous blog posts or articles on your website and then craft a presentation around them so attendees have the information they need right in front of them when they ask their questions.

8. HubSpot Reporting Makes Data Accessible in Real-Time

Still wondering, what does HubSpot do? Well, let’s look at the custom reporting builder. HubSpot helps organizations increase their revenues by providing data-driven marketing that’s personalized, measurable, and adaptable. One of the ways they accomplish this is through reporting. HubSpot reporting lets businesses quickly access valuable data on-demand and in real-time.

HubSpot offers several types of reporting, including dashboard and custom reports. The dashboard report provides insights on your progress towards specific business goals. Also, it helps with understanding the performance of your current campaign efforts. You could also create custom reports by using various metrics, including keywords, URLs, social media content, product reviews, and more, to provide insight on any topic related to your business model.

9. The Baked-In Product Support is Unprecedented

With a robust product like HubSpot, businesses expect premium support. But, HubSpot takes it further than simply offering excellent customer service. Its product platform support goes far beyond what you would typically find from other companies. For instance, HubSpot provides an ideal knowledge base, including account set-up, CRM, marketing tools, chat and automation, and more.

The HubSpot community is an excellent resource full of insights and powerful application strategies for businesses. But, Hubspot doesn’t stop there. Its Academy is vital to its community. Take a quick course or sign up for comprehensive certifications if you want to learn the most sought-after business skills. Why stop there?

10. HubSpot Partner Ecosystem for Hands-On Support

One other thing you might not know about HubSpot is that their partner ecosystem provides hands-on support from HubSpot experts. The partner ecosystem consists of thousands of companies across the globe, from social media marketing to payment processing. These partners offer a wide range of services to help with marketing and sales.

This ecosystem helps increase your reach by offering a more extensive network of resources than a single company could provide alone. For example, you could get HubSpot certified partners for website design, content creation and optimization, social media marketing services, lead generation, e-commerce website design, and more.



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