Master The Pivot

The entire decade ahead will likely be defined by intense disruption. Just shuffling the deck won’t cut it anymore. Your new reality will require new thinking, new ideas, and new insights that will take you to new places. 

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How to Handle Mean People at the Office

Every office has at least one mean person. It sounds silly, but it’s true.
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10 Ways to Master Difficult Conversations

Every leader will inevitably face a difficult conversation. The ones who master it will not only win the admiration of the people they lead but will achieve results beyond what anyone expects.
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Collaborator or Ghostwriter—What's the Difference?

Ghostwriters and collaborators are very much part of the publishing process. There is a clear distinction between the two amongst publishers. But if you’re not a publisher, you might be tempted to ...
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A Guide to the Optimal Ebook Word Count

I’m going to make a general assumption: eBooks are a viable and legitimate content distribution channel for individuals and organizations alike.
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16 Ways Leaders Can Repurpose Book Content

Books are the new business card. They capture your ideas, exhibit your expertise, and codify core messages that define your philosophy in an easily transferable, shareable, and efficient manner.
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