Master The Pivot

The entire decade ahead will likely be defined by intense disruption. Just shuffling the deck won’t cut it anymore. Your new reality will require new thinking, new ideas, and new insights that will take you to new places. 

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How to Outsmart Technology and Avoid Overwhelm and Confusion—Really

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, not more stressful and complicated. Surprise. It hasn’t lived up to that promise, but it’s delivered on many others. Still, in business, for many ...
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Leadership Fails: Too Far from the Tension of the Marketplace

Many leaders are naive about digital transformation within their companies. As a result, they experience preventable leadership fails. So, what does that mean? Well, for one, the knowledge economy ...
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What is Risk Aversion and Friction at Your Company?

Every business faces challenges based on size, field, and other factors. As a company grows, it must navigate the difficult balance between risk and reward. In the process, most companies struggle ...
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How HubSpot Can Save You Time

As great as tech is, it’s also a bit of a curse. Knowledge workers and companies have tons of tech to choose from if they wish. Still, 91% of workers are frustrated with inefficient technology. In ...
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How to Explain Marketing to Your Mom

Business owners continuously grapple to explain marketing for company growth. The reason for the challenge is simple. Digital marketing and marketing principles change at an ever-increasing—and ...
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What Are Business Operations for RevOps?

Revenue operations (RevOps) is critical for companies today as a business driver. It's the difference between success and failure. In short, it inverts the priorities of companies from function to ...
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The Future Is Now: 7 Considerations for Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofit, church, and cause leaders should be incredibly bullish about the present and the future. The result of the pandemic has impacted “business as usual” realities. The veracity of current ...
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Creating Business Leadership: 5 Keys to Success

Recently, I had the privilege to appear on the Framework Leadership podcast, which Kent Ingle and Michael Steiner host. As we know, we live and work at a time of mass data and also immense ...
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7 Ways to Simplify HubSpot Reporting Dashboards

If you have Hubspot, then you know the power of the platform. Initially, Hubspot offered companies a robust CRM platform. However, it expanded and now includes marketing, sales, and CMS solutions ...
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I Hate Marketing: 12 Things We All Dislike

As a business leader, has there been a moment where you thought to yourself, "I hate marketing"? Those are strong words, but many leaders face frustration with marketing. For decades, there were ...
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