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Podcast Interview: Master the Pivot

Uncertainty is now a key ingredient of the modern business climate, so leaders must Master the Pivot. And in discussion with Davey Hatcher on his podcast, Capacity, we dive into that challenge for leaders and businesses.

Regardless of your business, there are moments when your revenue is going up, down, or sideways. That's when you need your entire team to pull in the same direction. However, there's a problem. Team members may interpret their realities differently, and change is difficult.

Some may hold onto old successes, which are no longer relevant. Others may struggle with confirmation bias, believing only in solutions that confirm their thinking. Still, others have no idea about success in remote work and digital environments.

Here's a tip: It's significantly different right now, and there's no place to hide mediocrity. That’s why this podcast discussion with Davey is vital for business leaders who are just … confused by experts making varied recommendations.


What leaders want is not the ‘next big idea’ or trend. What they want, what you want, is a solution—and practical thinking—to ensure your business's profitability in the digital age.

Some Big Ideas We Dig Into … Together

  • Find out the top reason why company leaders in an unstable environment are reaching out to change and business management experts. (Here’s a hint: profits.)

  • How does a leader navigate in uncertain and sometimes treacherous waters?

  • How do you conceptualize, brainstorm, and execute when teams have different realities, experiences, and thoughts about tackling problems?

  • Hear how to productively brainstorm ideas, execute, and determine what success looks like once you accomplish the business objectives to ensure consistent profitability.

  • Find out about the common challenges preventing leaders and their teams from successfully executing edge initiatives and creating sustainable revenue.

  • Learn why experience is over-rated and doesn't matter in the digital age. (No one cares what got achieved last year.)

  • Listen to how to effect change, not just for a day, but the long-term.

  • And learn why having lots of money on your balance sheet may not be a good thing and could be a sign that your company is dying. 

The Struggle is Real—But Not Impossible!

Once you become aware of the psychology and realities behind change and resistance to it, you can't unlearn it.


When you have clarity around the unseen biases that everyone, including leaders, have, it becomes an opportunity to achieve growth.

If you’re struggling to find your footing, create confidence in your move forward plan, or want to confront the brutal realities of leadership in the midst of change, take a listen. It’s your chance to spend a bit of time becoming familiar with business growth architecture, our specialty.

I’m grateful to Davey for the opportunity to share my insights and also to the business leaders who've used Velocity to brainstorm, conceptualize, and execute growth strategies with their teams.

When you shift your thinking, you make things happen.



Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions where he helps leaders design, develop, and deploy smarter business growth strategies. Ben is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion. He leads a team that takes a structured learning approach to business challenges, which allows them to assist leaders in bridging the gap between ideas, innovation, and revenue—taking ideas from mind to market.

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