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How HubSpot Can Save You Time

As great as tech is, it’s also a bit of a curse. Knowledge workers and companies have tons of tech to choose from if they wish. Still, 91% of workers are frustrated with inefficient technology. In short, too many solutions exist, complicating tech stacks. Also, leaders don’t know what’s the best solution. And that’s why this article explores how HubSpot can save you time. Moreover, it could also ensure you retain top talent.

Problem: As businesses grow, managing silos becomes harder and harder. Each department has its own practices and processes, making efficient management difficult. Process tracking, analyzing, and sharing information becomes difficult. Inevitably, it prevents businesses from acting. As a result, it impacts revenue growth and profitability.

Opportunity: One of the best solutions is to take the path of least resistance. Instead of looking at all the platforms and piecing them together, a better route is to find one solution. One platform that could save time and eliminate friction is better than a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So, when it comes to technology, it means creating an integrated ecosystem.

Resolution: Since 2004, HubSpot’s supported global clients. In addition, it's no longer just a CRM. Its offering expanded. So, now solutions exist for marketing, sales, operations, and even customer service. How many other companies boast that much integration? Let's explore how HubSpot can save you time—and help you retain talent.

HubSpot Eliminates Silos that Inevitably Arise

Silos in a company mean that different teams have their way of doing things. They don't collaborate or share information. And that’s a competitive disadvantage. An integrated tech approach is crucial for businesses that want to grow and succeed. Integrated tech eliminates silos by bringing together all departments and teams. It makes it easier for everyone in the company to work together on projects and initiatives. But it also does something else. It provides decision-makers with the total picture for decisions.

Why Saving Time Matters for Businesses

Teams are busy and need tools that don't slow them down. Further, knowledge workers know that tech is available to improve their jobs. And at a time of measurement of every metric, teams don't want to get judged for lousy performance because the boss didn't give them the tools they need. The fact that the platform is fully integrated is one of the critical reasons for how HubSpot can save you time. All the powerful tech can communicate across functional areas without complex workarounds.

Why System-Wide Automation is Vital for Businesses

We know that time’s always of the essence in the knowledge economy. Leaders have to get tasks done while keeping teams as efficient as possible. It’s why automation is a must and not merely a nice-to-do. HubSpot allows your team to focus on their core responsibilities while reducing the time required to complete them. For example, lead generation happens daily. With HubSpot, you can automate your marketing to create new leads and convert prospects. That allows your team to focus on creating the best content.

HubSpot Allows for Revenue Operations

Again, one of the biggest roadblocks to growth is friction. If you find you constantly say no to projects and new team members, you’re likely experiencing a lack of bandwidth. Enter revenue operations (RevOps). Revenue operations is one of the most dynamic, systemic, and innovative approaches to business. In short, it flips the script of how companies operate. You create an ecosystem with your RevOps team as the core with HubSpot. That team serves everyone and leaders with data, metrics, and information. Think of it as the brain of your business.

Simplification of Your Tech Stack

As we discussed, technology is great. But when there’s a bot for that, people need simplification. Moreover, they need to automate as much as possible and focus on people-centered tasks. In other words, let tech aggregate and crunch the data. That's one of the top reasons of how HubSpot can save you time. In the knowledge economy, data and strategic decisions as a result of the data are vital. Therefore, leaders need to simplify tech for their teams and businesses. A leader like HubSpot helps you do that well.

Business Teamwork and Collaboration

The reality is that your business gets the best out of its team when they're united. In other words, when teams see a shared vision, purpose, and collaborate, magic happens. Your team needs to create, innovate, and disrupt. Every industry is ripe for innovation and progress. Your company gains enormously with HubSpot, supported by a revenue operations approach. You eliminate friction, dismantle silos, and allow people to do what they do best—collaborate. And it's the only way you set yourself apart from the rest.

Better Communication and Information-Sharing

Does your team struggle with the left hand not knowing what the right hand's doing? Here's what that means. You have an enormous amount of energy getting wasted. And your company doesn't have time for that. One of the crucial ways for how HubSpot can save you time is that it improves communication and information flow. Everyone knows knowledge is power. With HubSpot, that knowledge gets disseminated to everyone—not just a few. As a result, leaders have a total view and can make the best and fastest decisions. So, can your team!

Improved Task Automation

You're doing it wrong if your business still operates with manual processes. You don't need to read it in this article. You know automation is vital. The reasons for it are simple. Your team could parse immense amounts of data in seconds, not days. Further, you don't have to figure out how to connect the dots and find ROI. Potent technology, such as HubSpot, does it for you in any way you could imagine with powerful dashboards.

Greater Business Accountability

Finally, one of my favorite reasons for how HubSpot can save you time has to do with accountability. Let's face it. Business leaders want accountability by in-office, hybrid, and distributed teams. As a result, you need flexible and powerful tools to accomplish what you need. HubSpot allows for remarkable power and flexibility for your team. And as the leader, you get to hold your team accountable for measurable objectives.

As a RevOps and management consulting company, I look at the best resources available for our clients. I've explored a lot on the market. However, with few exceptions, I found HubSpot one of the most integrated tech platforms. I believe in it so much that our team also uses it. In all, HubSpot's one of the top tools on the market. Want to find out what it could do for you? Get velocity, get results.



Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions where he helps leaders design, develop, and deploy smarter business growth strategies. Ben is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion. He leads a team that takes a structured learning approach to business challenges, which allows them to assist leaders in bridging the gap between ideas, innovation, and revenue—taking ideas from mind to market.

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