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6 Communication Habits for Project Teams

Whether you're working on a startup project or running a large organization, the success of any project lies heavily in teamwork and effective communication. Communication is the backbone of any project, and poor communication can result in costly mistakes, delays, and even failure.

Consider incorporating these six communication habits to help your project team work efficiently and cohesively:

1. Clarify Objectives and Expectations.

Having a clear understanding of the project's objectives and what is expected of you can prevent confusion and misunderstandings. Ensure everyone receives a clear and concise explanation of their contribution and how it connects to the ultimate goal.

2. Utilize Asynchronous Communication.

This effectively decreases the distance between decision and action. When it comes to remote teams, asynchronous communication tools like email, messaging apps, and project management software can be used to communicate promptly and increase clarity.

3. Schedule Regular Check-Ins.

It would be best to schedule regular check-ins to regularly touch base with your team members. This helps ensure progress, and that everyone is up-to-date on the project's proceedings. These regular check-ins can also allow for clarification and problem-solving.

4. Hold “Live” Team Meetings.

It's essential to encourage open dialogue and discussion among team members. Team meetings enable everyone to share their opinions and concerns and build trust within the team. By fostering an environment that values open communication, you encourage team members to feel free to express and listen to ideas.

5. Encourage Open Dialogue.

Creating an open and safe space for all team members to share their views and perspectives is essential when working on a project. Allow everyone's voice to be heard without fear of retribution. The team can leverage diverse perspectives to achieve success by encouraging open and candid dialogue.

6. Accept Feedback and Constructive Criticism.

Feedback is an essential communication tool for achieving success. Regular feedback helps individuals correct or make the necessary changes to reach the end goal. Encourage team members to give and receive feedback constructively, respectfully, and without judgment. This can help the course correct quickly when needed.

Communication is an integral part of executing any project, and implementing these habits will enhance teamwork, encourage open dialogue, and respect, and increase the propensity to succeed together. Project teams can achieve success using these simple but effective habits while creating an efficient and productive working environment.



Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions where he helps leaders design, develop, and deploy smarter business growth strategies. Ben is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion. He leads a team that takes a structured learning approach to business challenges, which allows them to assist leaders in bridging the gap between ideas, innovation, and revenue—taking ideas from mind to market.

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